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Race Night Tote Tickets

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Got your dogs ready?!

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If you're organising a Race Night, you will need these tickets.

A box contains enough tickets for 8 races, with 8 runners per race.

Each set should cover 3 nights with 100 people attending.

If a player’s runner wins for the designated race, the player must claim his or her prize by surrendering the winning ticket.

Each pad contains enough tickets for 100 people to bet per runner.

Each box has its own set of security numbers and contains 6,400 tickets.

The tickets are printed on 90gsm paper.

The text is printed in different colours and easy to read.

  • Height: 5cm
  • Width: 7.5cm
Number of Units Unit Price Total Price
4 units
4 x 1 unit = 4 Race Night Tote Tickets
£27.59 inc VAT
£110.35 inc VAT


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