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Rosey Rosie

Code: 2501

£318.04 inc VAT

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The Rosey Rosie is the most popular bingo machine on the market.

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76mm (3") High Bright Red Audience Display

This electronic machine generates numbers for bingo games. A random number is generated when the SELECT button is pressed. That number will not be drawn again in that game. The number currently called is shown to the audience by large, easy to read digits on the audience panel. That same number is also shown on the caller’s panel to be read and announced by the caller. All numbers that have been called are registered on an easy to read 1 to 90 check board that is also on the caller’s panel. This allows any potential winning ticket to be checked quickly, easily and accurately.
New games can be started by pressing the CLEAR button which resets the machine. Our bingo machines allow the game of bingo to be played faster, faultlessly and easily for both the audience and the caller.


  • Easy and simple to use – suitable for all ages, silent operation
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Modern design and well manufactured
  • Adjustable to any length of game and to Jackpot / Snowball number.
  • Jackpot / Snowball audio and visual indiactors
  • Caller controls timing of audience display allowing the caller to announce the call before displaying the number to the audience on release of the SELECT / DRAW button
  • Long life SELECT / DRAW, BOARD CLEAR and RECALL control buttons
  • NUMBER OVERDRAW facility to push back the last number selected
  • UK made
  • 24 months manufacturer's warranty.

Caller's Panel

  • 1-90 numbered LED check board showing the numbers called
  • Caller's display with 20mm (0.8") bright red digits
  • Last number recall and display of "number of calls made" facility
  • "JACKPOT / SNOWBALL" facility with audio and visual indicators
  • Height = 330mm (13")
  • Width = 160mm (6¾")
  • Depth = 125mm (5")
  • Weight = 1.8kg
  • 76mm (3") high bright red display on audience panel
  • 20mm (0.8") high bright red display on caller’s panel
  • 230V / 50Hz mains supply, mains switch
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