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Play Your A3 Cards Right - Model A3FS 4 x 2

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“You get nothing for a pair in this game!” This is another quality audience participation game.

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This is a professional, sturdy and durable bit of kit that uses A3 size playing cards.

Ideal for use in Pubs, Clubs or any event where you might need a professional stand.

Comes in two parts; a board and stand.


Based on the popular TV show everyone remembers where the participant has to guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the current one. “Higher! Lower! Higher! Lower!”

This game is also a great promotional product to draw potential customers into your establishment, whether it is a Christmas special or a Bank Holiday.
There is also space at the top and bottom of the board to put your company details such as logos, web addresses, or telephone numbers. 

How to Play

  1. This person shuffles a pack of cards and a member of the audience is asked to pick one card from the pack.
  2. This card is put into an envelope and sealed (the card must not be seen by anyone).
  3. Twelve cards are placed face down onto the board, with six on the top line and six on the bottom.
  4. When the first card on the top row is revealed, for example a number 4, the person is given the chance to change this card if need be, but this is the only time they get the chance to change a card.
  5. As number 4 was turned, the player chooses to keep this card.
  6. They are then asked if they think the next card will be higher or lower than the number 4.
  7. At this point the audience begin to participate by shouting "higher" or "lower" to help the person decide.
  8. If they turn all twelve cards correctly they must then guess whether the card in the envelope is higher or lower than the twelfth card on board.
  9. If they guess correctly, the jackpot is theirs to keep.
  10. If they guess wrongly, they can be rewarded with a prize or cash for each correct card.

The next game will start with only eleven cards, then ten, then nine and so on until the jackpot is won. 
The card sealed in the envelope remains sealed until it needs to be revealed. 

This way the jackpot gets larger and larger, and adds entertainment to your events.


  • Play Your Cards Right board and stand – self assembly
  • A3 Playing Cards with 52 playing cards and 2 jokers


  • Board size: 140 x 90 cm
  • Board material: Black Foamex 10mm thick, with aliminum strips
  • Equipment height: 175cm minimum

A3 Card Dimensions:

  • Height: 42cm 
  • Width: 29.71cm 


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