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Jumbo Bingo Ticket Booklets 6 to View 6 Game

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Bingo Booklets are different coloured Singles that are gummed together to form a booklet.

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The number of Singles is dependant on the number of games you want.

Each Game is a different colour.

For example, a 6 Game booklet will have 6 different coloured pages.

If you are playing multiple games of Bingo, it is best to use booklets as everyone knows which game they are playing due to the colour of the page.

There is no delay within games as players get one booklet before they start, and each game is kept neatly together.

These are probably the best quality bingo tickets currently available on the market - they are not cheap imitations of inferior quality. They are the real deal.

They are the original Jumbo brand that has been sold successfully to clubs, pubs, charities, retirement homes, fetes, churches, etc, for many years.

  • Big and bold numbers.
  • Glued edges (no staples) for easy separation.
  • Tickets are easy to read.
  • Books are easy to tear due to perforations.
  • Each ticket has its own security number.
  • Consecutive serial numbers on each ticket.
  • Colour borders with white background.
  • Vivid border colours with colour names.
  • 36,000 guaranteed non repeating tickets per series.

6 to View Booklets, 6 Game means:

  • The player sees 6 Bingo Tickets on a page / strip.
  • Each page / strip is a different colour.
  • The booklet is 6 games deep, so there are 6 pages / strips in 6 different colours.
  • Each strip of 6 contains all the numbers ranging from 1-90

There are 750 booklets per pack: 

This is enough for up to 125 people attending your event with each participant getting 1 complete 6 to View, 6 Game Booklet.
If you play once a week with 20 participants, one pack of 6 to View 6 Game Booklets will last you 6 weeks. 
The strips of 6 can be split into individual booklets.

Number of Packs      Number of Booklets    Number of Strips of 6

        1                                750                            125
        2                             1,500                            250
        4                             3,000                            500
        8                             6,000                            1,000
        16                          12,000                           2,000

Typically a game of bingo lasts for about 5 minutes. 
If you don’t want your session to go on for too long, then choose a smaller number of games per booklet.
If you are playing in a Pub or a Club, it is best to choose a 8 or a 10 Game booklet with a break half way through.
This way you can maximize the opportunity of your customers being able to buy drinks and snacks.

Please Note:

If you play bingo regularly, it is worth stocking up on Bingo Tickets as the more you order, the cheaper the Ticket.
However, it is important to remember to store your tickets in a dry area.

Sell your tickets in the order you buy them – this decreases the risk of ticket duplication, and only play with one colour at a time

  • Tickets Height: 35mm (1½")
  • Ticket Width: 120mm (4¾")
Number of Units Unit Price Total Price
16 units
16 x 1 unit = 16 Jumbo Bingo Ticket Booklets 6 to View 6 Game
£6.62 inc VAT
£105.98 inc VAT
8 units
8 x 1 unit = 8 Jumbo Bingo Ticket Booklets 6 to View 6 Game
£7.56 inc VAT
£60.48 inc VAT
4 units
4 x 1 unit = 4 Jumbo Bingo Ticket Booklets 6 to View 6 Game
£8.52 inc VAT
£34.08 inc VAT
2 units
2 x 1 unit = 2 Jumbo Bingo Ticket Booklets 6 to View 6 Game
£8.74 inc VAT
£17.47 inc VAT


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