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Dart Scorer - 3-in-1

£343.62 inc VAT

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Had enough of losing messy chalk, or having one too many and simply not being able to do mental arithmetic?! Why not get a Darts Scorer? This Darts Scorer is perfect for everyday use in your Pub, Club or even at home.

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Our Darts Scorers will keep track of your totals electronically.
You simply enter the total thrown (e.g. 60) or you can use the dart by dart entry feature that is unique to our machines (e.g. 20 x 3).
The scorer will calculate the remaining total.
Our Darts Scorers are the best machines on the market, easy to use and built to last.


Keeps score of 3 different types of darts games:

  • Standard darts
  • Killer (UK) / Tactics (Europe) / Mickey Mouse (US)
  • Hi Score

Bright and easy to read 20mm displays
Adjustable to any game up to 9999 e.g. 1001, 501, 301, etc.
Fast, one touch key "Dart by dart" or "Throw total" score entry with "2x", "3x", and "No score" keys
Last score recall
Error clear
Rejection of bust scores
Automatic change-over of sides
Indication of number of darts thrown
LED "Team throw" indicators
Throw recall and LED "Recall" indicator
"Game selected", "Dart by dart", "Number of darts keyed in" LED indicators
Error correction & full game review facility
Rejection of bust scores
Durable, dirt proof, colour coded keyboard

On/off switch
230V/50Hz mains supply via mains adaptor
Wall mounted
UK made
24 months manufacturer's warranty

Height: 330mm (13")
Width: 288mm (11¼")
Depth: 70mm (2¾")
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Seven segment LED displays, digits 20mm high


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