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Copag Playing Cards - Twin Pack (2 Decks)

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Copag Playing Cards are some of the most durable playing cards in the world.

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Made from 100% plastic they are incredibly hard wearing and will last 100 times longer than regular playing cards.

Tear proof, bend proof, stain proof, they're practically indestructible!

  • Their 100% plastic composition means they will last longer, shuffle better and glide across tables in a way that make these cards the only choice for the professional card player.
  • These cards come as a set of two, one red backed and one blue, and are housed in an attractive case that will make you want to show them off at every chance you get!

These cards are wider than normal playing cards and also have a jumbo index.

Card Size:

  • Length: 89mm
  • Width: 64mm

Set Size:

  • Length: 140mm
  • Width: 95mm
  • Height: 25mm
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12 units
12 x 1 unit = 12 Copag Playing Cards - Twin Pack (2 Decks)
£13.12 inc VAT
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