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Treasure Chest

£354.00 inc VAT


These tickets are only available only to the users of ClubKing Pull Tab ticket machines supplied by ClubKing Ltd that have a Free Loan Agreement with us.

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£295.00 354.00 inc VAT)

If you want to run a pull tab ticket system in a location that is not a private members club such as profit making organisations including pubs, golf clubs, holiday parks, hotels, bingo halls, etc, then it must be run as a Society or Charity lottery.

We can supply pull tab tickets that enable you to comply with the legal requirements for running a Small Society Lottery / Charity Lottery. The tickets must be overprinted with the society name, promoter and postcode where sold which we can do for you.

By law, a maximum of 80% of gross proceeds may be divided between prizes and the expenses of the lottery, so the remaining 20% of takings must go to the benefit of a charity or non-commercial society. These can be nationwide or local. However it must be registered with the Local Licencing Authority.

For your customers there is no VAT on profits and no Gaming Licence. The minimum age for participation is 16 years old.

Treasure Chest - 50p

Ticket Price: 50p

Set Size: 2700 Tickets

Prize Pay Outs:

3 x £100

5 x £20

10 x £5

25 x £2

350 x 50p

Number of Winners: 393

Payout Percentage: 50%

Winner Ratio: 1 in 6.89

Game Income: £1350

393 Total Payout @ 50%: £675

Charity Share @ 20%: £270

Gross Profit @ 30%: £405


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