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Fleximarkers - School Colours

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These Fleximarker Cones are great for marking out the boundaries in games, whether you’re creating a race course, making a set of goal posts, improving agility, setting up training exercises, etc.

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Fleximarker Cones have a wide range of applications and uses.

These plastic cones are durable and flexible making them very resiliant to being trod on or kicked, an inevitability when it comes to this product.

They come complete with a stand, making packing up at the end of sessions quick and easy.

The stand also makes the cones easy to store

Curriculum Level:

  • English Curriculum: Key Stages Foundation, 1
  • Scottish Curriculum: Foundation, P1-3
One pack of 50 contains:
  • 10x Red Markers
  • 10x Blue Markers
  • 10x Orange Markers
  • 10x Yellow Markers
  • 10x White Markers


Two packs of 50 contain:

  • 25x Red Markers
  • 25x Blue Markers
  • 25x White Markers
  • 25x Yellow Markers

Markers are 190mm (7") in diameter

Number of Units Unit Price Total Price
2 units
2 x 50 units = 100 Fleximarkers - School Colours
£8.00 inc VAT
£16.01 inc VAT


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