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40 Team Football Cards

£3.59 inc VAT

Code: 6204

This incredibly simple and popular fund raising product has a proven track record, and can be used anywhere, ranging from pubs and clubs, to local football teams.

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A mixture of English and Scottish football teams.

You get to choose the stake, we recommend that 50% of monies taken go towards fundraising, and the other 50% is the prize.
For example, if the stake is £1, and you fill up the entire card taking £30, £15 could go to the winner, and £15 could go to whoever you are raising money for.

  • Fill up the windows with the names of the participants.
  • Once the card is full, scratch off the silver panel to reveal the winner.
  • Each card has a different winner.

Each pack contains:

  • 25x Football Cards

Chose from a selection of 20, 30, 40, 60 or 80 teams per card.

  • Height: 108mm (4½")
  • Width: 150mm (6")
Number of Units Unit Price Total Price
2 units
2 x 25 units = 50 40 Team Football Cards
£2.70 inc VAT
£5.40 inc VAT
4 units
4 x 25 units = 100 40 Team Football Cards
£2.10 inc VAT
£8.40 inc VAT


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