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60p Roll Tickets

£2.99 inc VAT

Code: 6056

These quality price roll tickets are ideal for use as replacements for currency at large events such as school or village fetes.

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They could be used as beer tokens, tickets for rides or games or even given out as prize tickets to be collected and ultimately exchanged for bigger prizes.
The possibilities are endless.

  • 1000 tickets per roll.
  • Each ticket is perforated - easy to tear.
  • All rolls are consecutively security numbered from 1-1000.
  • Each ticket is consecutively numbered.

The £1 Roll Tickets are security numbered with a 7 digit code.

Roll tickets come in various coloured pastel sugar paper with large easy to read text.

Please Note: Style and colour depends on stock availability.

Ticket Dimensions:

  • Height: 30mm
  • Length: 50mm
Number of packs Pack Price Total Price
10 packs
10 x 1 unit = 10 60p Roll Tickets
£2.04 inc VAT
£20.40 inc VAT
100 packs
100 x 1 unit = 100 60p Roll Tickets
£1.56 inc VAT
£156.00 inc VAT


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