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Mid Blue Tyvek 19mm Wristbands

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These bands are perfect for use in pubs and clubs where you need to know at a glance who’s who. Who's paid, who hasn’t etc.

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Choose from our selection of 19mm neon or plain-coloured wristbands suited to your preference.

  • No need to stamp any more hands!
  • Easy to see and easy to use.
  • One size fits all.


How To Use

Place round the wrist of your customer, make tight enough so it isn’t loose, then pull off the glue protector and stick.

The peel & seal system is tamper proof non transferable.

A “www” pattern is disrupted when the ends are prised apart.

These Tyvek bands are made of paper, with one side coated in plastic.

This makes tearing and stretching the band virtually impossible.

Also makes the band waterproof, so it can be used in water parks and swimming events.

All bands have a six digit security code and are sequentially numbered.

As the bands are of a paper feel, you can write further information on them, such as phone numbers, date, name of event, location etc, with a permanent number if needs be.

One pack contains:

  • 100x 19mm wide Tyvek wristbands
  • Length: 252mm
  • Width: 19mm
Number of Units Unit Price Total Price
10 units
10 x 100 units = 1000 Mid Blue Tyvek 19mm Wristbands
£3.85 inc VAT
£38.52 inc VAT
30 units
30 x 100 units = 3000 Mid Blue Tyvek 19mm Wristbands
£3.46 inc VAT
£103.68 inc VAT
50 units
50 x 100 units = 5000 Mid Blue Tyvek 19mm Wristbands
£3.43 inc VAT
£171.60 inc VAT
100 units
100 x 100 units = 10000 Mid Blue Tyvek 19mm Wristbands
£2.75 inc VAT
£274.80 inc VAT


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